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Press release: IGC International completes management buy-out

Rotterdam, 2 October 2018 

IGC International completes management buy-out 

Dutch market leader in promotional products targeting growth via innovation and in-house production

CEO Hans Poulis has acquired the majority of the shares in IGC International (‘IGC’), the market leader in promotional products. IGC acts as contract partner for 52 companies active in the market for promotional products and business gifts. Prior to the takeover, these 52 companies held the majority of IGC’s shares. IGC is targeting future growth by investing in sustainable product innovations and production methods. The company is active in 46 countries and has a combined annual turnover of €450 million.

Hans Poulis, CEO of IGC: “We are extremely pleased with this buy-out, which we believe will help us to accelerate our growth strategy. The demand for sustainable materials in our sector is increasing rapidly, which is why we plan to invest heavily in product innovations in the coming years so we can meet that demand. At the same time companies are outsourcing more and more production activities and we expect to be able to serve our customers even better by investing in production capacity.”

IGC serves multinationals such as L’Oréal, Philips and Henkel with the production and global distribution of promotional products, business gifts, consumer products and merchandise. The company has grown from a cooperative to a global contract partner for 52 affiliated companies, with 1,800 employees and operations in 46 countries. In 2011, the cooperation between the affiliated companies was further intensified by sharing not only customers but also suppliers. This meant that in one fell swoop they were able to combine even more know-how of the import regulations, product requirements and trading cultures of various countries. This enabled IGC to provide multinationals with even higher levels of service and to optimize the marketing of their products in various markets.

IGC International devotes a great deal of attention to corporate social responsibility. This goes beyond making sure that all products are produced using environment-friendly materials, to full transparency throughout the supply chain: every single product is produced in a fair and responsible manner. The large majority of the products that IGC delivers to its clients are customized productions. 

No additional financial details have been disclosed.


IGC Holiday Season Trends 2018

With each season comes unique holidays, events and activities. These are the perfect moments to promote your brand. Looking for branded products and marketing ideas for wintertime? We’ve got you covered! Impress your staff and customers with the coolest gadgets, season must-haves and winter essentials. Our trend booklet features useful and unique items to inspire you. Need help finding the right gifts for your upcoming campaign? Get in touch with our team or call us +31 (0)10 750 33 50.

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IGC Sustainable Summer Trends 2018

Your purchases affect the environment. Reduce your impact by going for sustainable materials & products. Make a difference! 

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If you would like to know more about our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives visit our UN Global Compact profile

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IGC Trend Report 2018

At IGC we made it our mission to stay on top of the latest trends. A trend is a social process in which style or taste changes. We must distinguish the fads from the trends. Fads are short-lived. They gain popularity quickly, but lose the attention as fast. Trends have a much longer life span. We prefer to focus on the long-term. Which is one of the reasons why we do not solely rely on the standard premium and promotional products trade resources. We attend cross-industry trade shows all over the world and have IGC partners located in fashion-forward cities like Paris, Milan, London, New York and Tokyo. Our design portfolio includes the works of over 60 designers. They are trendsetters, innovators, curious individuals craving changes from time to time. 

Our team will incorporate ideas from different industries to keep your promotions unique. Allow us to expose you to new products and ideas. Let us inspire you!

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