Personal Protective Equipment


We are able to provide healthcare organizations, private companies and consumers (EU) with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

We have been active in China and Hong Kong for over 25 years as an importer and exporter of consumer products and high-quality merchandise. During the peak of the Coronavirus outbreak in China earlier this year we were able to supply face masks in this region. In March we’ve made the decision to also provide healthcare organizations and private companies in The Netherlands (and Europe) with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to solve the rising shortage of face masks.

Our CEO, Hans Poulis on this decision:

 ‘’We have spent several months to control this supply chain and train our teams. This is how we are now able to quickly produce large quantities of face masks and securely transport them to the Netherlands. The masks comply with European laws and safety regulations. With the quantities that we can produce and supply to Dutch healthcare institutions, we can come a long way in resolving the shortages.

Large quantities are still needed in China, but production has been scaled up to such an extent that there is room for export. Because we have been active in China for a long time, we have been able to take on part of that export. We understand the processes and requirements. We are also able to meet the highest standards of social compliance and transparency in the supply chain."

The Dutch government has recently appointed us as an official purchasing partner for surgical face masks & FFP2 masks.


Kaze masks

Rotterdam, October 2020 - We're proud to announce the launch of our latest face mask collection: KAZE. The masks are KN95/FFP2 certified and have been lab tested all over the world to meet multiple rigorous and globally recognized standards. Each mask is made from 5 different filters that maximise airflow while blocking out dust, germs, and particles. They are available in 12 different shades.

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Production & Distribution

Behind-the-scenes footage from our production facilities in China and our warehouse & distribution center in The Netherlands:

Production video

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